Back in Fada: Visit of the Botanical Garden



We are back in Burkina Faso after our trip to Niger. Good timing, because we arrived on a weekend, wich means: Freeee Time. So, we had more time to discover Fada and visited the Botanical Garden.




Approximately 10Km outside Fada (on the road to Benin) is a Botanical Garden that we visited last weekend. The Botanical Garden in Fada represents the entire Fauna of Burkina Faso. You find trees and flowers from all parts of the country here. This is pretty amazing, keeping in mind that Burkina has three different climate zones (Sahélien region, Soudanienne Region, Soudano-Sahélien). Fada lies in the cimate zone of Soudano-Sahélien, but nevertheless, the gardeners somehow manage to keep all flowers growing. I´ve learned that five gardeners watering the Botanical Garden every evening. Apart from the richness of trees and flowers, you can also see two crocodiles in a cage, that is probably too small for them. Soon, a huge artificial pond will be finished and they you can see various types of fishes as well.



The mango trees offer shadow are are the best spot for a nice picnic, especially when you have friends that bring delicious food like they did here ;) A guided tour is available for 1000F/Person (1,70 Euro), but don't expect too learn to much. Most of the time we followed the lady silently and she didn't say anything either. However, it is a good opportunity to get an overview over the entire garden, which is quite big.



PS: No, we do not drink Whiskey in the Botanical Garden, this is home-made ice-tea.