Most horrible thing in Prison: Cheap Soap

The gate is open. Some prisoners sitting in the garden, but they are not handcuffed. I asked, why prisoners can move freely like that, even if the gate is open. The director of the prison later explained: "We don't protect society from criminals, we protect these criminal from society. If they go out of this prison, the family of the victims will find and maybe kill them." Harsh words. He goes on: "People who have done their sentence, like 6, 8 or 10 years, they don't want to leave! We have to blindfold and handcuff them, drive them to the other end of the city and free them. We have to force them to leave". Honestly spoken, I´ve expected the prison to be much worse. Well, yeah, you can smell fecal, it is super dirty, all prisoners sleep on the ground, there are 300 prisoners even though there is only space for 100. BUT there is.... Read More