Waterfalls of Gobnangou: Accessing the far East



Somehow I came across a photograph of a wonderful waterfall that is supposed to be around Diapaga, a little town in the East of Burkina. It was impossible to find more information about this waterfall, for instance how to get there or where to stay. Nobody had heard about it, the telephone numbers and email-addresses that I found online didn't work anymore. Nevertheless, Tobias and I decided to take the risk and to explore the Diapaga-area ourselves, not knowing whether we would find the waterfall or not. We drove the first 50KM on a paved road, before turning right on the dust-path. All we had was a street-plan of Burkina Faso (we quickly realized this plan is not accurate enough to rely on it) and a box of cookies (and we had no idea this is going to be our only food for the next 24 hours). Here is a detailed report of our journey for those who are courageous enough to go to the far East of Burkina Faso. Read All