Car breakdown due to bottled-fuel

After only two weeks we have our first breakdown on the road. Yey! We were on the road back to Fada from a weekend-trip, when suddenly the car´s engine stopped. In Burkina Faso, there is no emergency-number or so to call for help -– you need friends. Luckily, Tobias knew a mechanic in Fada and he came to tow our car. After three days in the garage, the mechanic solved the problem. Apparently, the fuel pump broke and this is because we filled the bottled-fuel into the car a week ago. So, we highly recommend to ALL: Do never ever take the bottled fuel! Yes, people had warned us before but now we know better. It is not 100percent fuel but also water in the bottles. We were very luckily and only had to pay 230 Euro for it (new fuel-pump, new radiator and cleaning of  throttle valve So next time, when we are traveling to rural places without gas-stations, we will take our own canister with proper fuel.