What is "bicycle-chicken"?

A vendor sells up to 40 chickens per day at the big market in downtown Ouagadougou. One chicken costs around 2000F (3 Euro), which you can order at the restaurant, freshly grilled, with sauce and onions for 3000F (4,50 Euro). Chicken-meat is one of the most famous dishes in Burkina Faso. It is often referred to as "poulet bicyclette", bicycle-chicken. And why? Because local sellers transport up to 50 chicken at the same time on their bike. The animals are tied by their feet and then hanged onto the handlebar head-down. Alive of course. Chickens are big business in Burkina: Over 30 millions animal are being breed every year. Each family keeps chicken also as an insurance. If somebody falls sick or they need money quickly for an emergency, they are simply going to sell two or three of their chicken. Speaken as a vegetarian, I have to admit, it is truely delicious!

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