Welcome to Mumbai

"If Mumbai is your introduction to India, prepare yourself" - this is how my lonly planet travel book puts it. Indeed, coming out of the airport was quite shocking! Humid like hell, I was completely wet after a few seconds. Smelly. Rubbish everywhere. Dogs and cats straying. Homeless children all around. However, after I survived the fast-and-furious-style taxi ride through town to the hostel, things calmed down a bit. The "traveller's inn" hostel welcomed me even at 6am without  reservation in the nicest way possible. They were incredible friendly. Helping me to find a sim card and doing my passport copies for free. They also booked my ticket to Goa without any fee. After five hours of sleep, which was definitely necessary, Tobias and I had a stroll through town. Luckily, the Fort Area is pretty beautiful and we could overcome our first shocking impression.

*To get a sim card in India is not easy: Unlike other countries where you can buy sim cards easily at the airport, in India you have to registrate in an official shop in town (for example vodafone) and the entire activation and verification process takes over a day. You need photos and passport copy.