India · 01. November 2017
After breakfast at Tanishkar Spice Farm, me and two tourists from the UK started our looong way to explore a waterfall. Our guide did not carry any water for himself and he was confident tocompletethe hike in havaiana shoes. So I assumed that the "hike" will not be too difficult. But I learnt better. We drove for like 15 minutes and entered another protected Reserve. I had to pay 30rps forbringing my camera in. When the jungle road became more narrow we continued by feet. Fot the first thirty...

India · 28. Oktober 2017
Do you know what the most expensive spice is? And do you know the average growing time of vanilla? This and many more facts now on my new article about the Tanishkar Spice Farm deep in the south Goan rain forest. Also, test your own knowledge about Spices in my Quiz. Read All

India · 26. Oktober 2017
It is a very special place on earth. So made for tourism and one of the "easiest" destinations I have ever been to. Maybe my most touristic holiday ever. What this means and why I would say Goa is boring for backpackers? The answer now in my new article about India's smallest state: Goa. Read the Essay

India · 25. Oktober 2017
Not only beach-addicts will love Goa, but also vegetarians. Speaking as one, I can only say how blissful North Goa is for food-lovers. Unlike other countries that I have travelled, everybody in India knows what "vegetarian" means. (It means also no chicken! Just saying...) Vegetarian food is the norm. Want to have meat, you have to pre-order or find certain restaurants. If you open the menu, it is all vegetarian. Only some restaurants offer a small selection of non-veg dishes. Slowly but steady...

India · 24. Oktober 2017
A few hours in Mumbai and I got taught the golden food rule! We found a very cosy restaurant in the fort area of Mumbai and were pretty excited to eat our first Indian dish after that long journey. Tobias and I decided to order a "thali", which is a mix out of several small pots of gravy (dal, potato and coconut-spice), plus a cucumber-yoghurt, rice, puri (a special kind of bread) and a desert. Hmmmm yammy! The thali is actually a perfect choice when you cannot decide for one single dish. By...

India · 23. Oktober 2017
Wherever you go - restaurants, supermarkets, shops - you hear "happy diwali" these days. People are dressed in their most prettiest saris and suits, streets are decorated with colorful baloons and thousands of flowers and lights. The streets are incredible beautiful decorated by paintings and candles. After sunset, you hear a lot of fireworks. People celebrating Diwali for three days. Diwali is India's biggest and most important holiday of the year. The festival gets its name from the row...

India · 22. Oktober 2017
Goa does not necessarily means party, yoga and hippie. No! Goa can also mean relaxation, massage and water sports. It all depends on where you go. The coastline is long and thus there are many, many beaches. Some more touristic and some spots almost empty. Here is the ultimative beach guide (including my personal number 1 beach) of the most famous spots in North Goa. Read All

India · 22. Oktober 2017
"If Mumbai is your introduction to India, prepare yourself" - this is how my lonly planet travel book puts it. Indeed, coming out of the airport was quite shocking! Humid like hell, I was completely wet after a few seconds. Smelly. Rubbish everywhere. Dogs and cats straying. Homeless children all around. However, after I survived the fast-and-furious-style taxi ride through town to the hostel, things calmed down a bit. The "traveller's inn" hostel welcomed me even at 6am without reservation in...

India · 21. Oktober 2017
Yap, I'm on my way to India! In fact, I'm already there but my blog is a bit on retard. India will be a mix of backpacking, kite surf course and beach relaxation. The monsoon just ended in the south, where we are going. So no need to carry my rain jacket (I hope). So here is my packing list. All things fit into a small rucksack (cabin bag size) and weight 9KG. Clothes: 8 underwear Hut Bikini 2 belts 1 skirt 1 dress 1 leggins 3 light trousers 5 tops 11 shirts 3 pants 1 light jacket 1 scarf...

India Travel Video
India · 14. Oktober 2017
Here a video about our (Tobias and Laura) month in Mandrem, located in beautiful Goa-State in India. The magic of the spice-plantations, the sound of the ocean, beautiful minds and soul and food, that makes you addicted!