Veggy Gourmet

Not only beach-addicts will love Goa, but also vegetarians. Speaking as one, I can only say how blissful North Goa is for food-lovers. Unlike other countries that I have travelled, everybody in India knows what "vegetarian" means. (It means also no chicken! Just saying...) Vegetarian food is the norm. Want to have meat, you have to pre-order or find certain restaurants. If you open the menu, it is all vegetarian. Only some restaurants offer a small selection of non-veg dishes. Slowly but steady also an organic, gluten-free trend is developing in India. Eating healthy is easy here in Goa. My favorites fresh juices are: avocado, cashew nut-cocoa and lemon-mint. For lunch, I cannot count all the opinions but definitely one of the best choices are: Paneer Khadai with Garlic Naan, vegetable curry and the "Meditation Salad" (cauliflower, mozzarella, tomato). 

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