Jungle Trek to Waterfall

After breakfast at Tanishkar Spice Farm, me and two tourists from the UK started our looong way to explore a waterfall. Our guide did not carry any water for himself and he was confident tocompletethe hike in havaiana shoes. So I assumed that the "hike" will not be too difficult. But I learnt better. We drove for like 15 minutes and entered another protected Reserve. I had to pay 30rps forbringing my camera in. When the jungle road became more narrow we continued by feet. Fot the first thirty minutes only uphill. Adding the humid-hot climate to that, I was already exhausted afterashort time.Then thirty minutes downhill - which was not less exchausting. Climbing rocks and walking on very slippery ground, it was quiet an adventure. After two hours, that felt ways longer, weeventually made it to the waterfall. The pure fresh cold water was the best gift I could imagine after this long hike.

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