Culture Festival in Pô

The second edition of the „Culture-Festival“ brought us to Pô. This tiny city is located close to the Ghana-Border and a four-hour drive from the capital away. The car packed with our friends, some good vibes, an absolutely hilarious driver, we hit the road. After a bumpy ride we finally reached and stopped first of all in a tiny restaurant along the highway, which is apparently the best one in town – it was crowded and we barely got a seat! We checked out the festival site, where people already started to set up the sound system and the stage electronics. Looks all very professional.


We installed ourselves in a pub nearby to not miss any of the action. After five long hours, it seemed the festival is about to start. We enjoyed two great hours, with entertaining stage performances and famous singers from all over Burkina Faso. However, the show got interrupted when rain started to spoil the show. I mean, how big are the chances for a rainfall in Burkina Faso? When finally, a thunderstorm arrived at Pô, the show was over. The crowd started to flee and to run and to hide and it was pure.... chaos. Luckily, our driver was right at the spot to pick us up! We missed the Festival, what a pity, but we made the most out of it and continued celebrating in town!