Visiting Cat Jungle

Bizarre room full of cats

Four Dinar for half an hour in a room full of cats. The idea sounds bizarre but the room is always crowded. No pre-booking needed, you can enter on the spot. Someone had this genius idea and now it totally works. The place is very, very clean and tidy...totally unexpected with so many cats in one room. It seems that they have a good life, though they get fed a lot. Including in your ticket is not only the cuteness of the cats but also: brushing, feeding, playing, cuddling. And for that the friendly employees of Cat Jungle provide you with some cat snacks, toys and special brushes for all type of hair. Johanna was a bit overwhelmed and enjoyed more observing than touching.


So, where is the Cat Jungle Amman? It is located in Khalda, in a very local mall, which besides the Cat Jungle, is worth a stroll. Here is the location: XRWR+RCW, Wasfi al tal, Amman 11953


After 20 minutes she had enough already and just wanted to go to the playground :)

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