Johanna´s Graduation

Bye Bye Pre-School

In Jordan, things are different. First, kids go to the pre-school, and then to kindergarden :) Sounds new to people from Germany at least - where it is the other way round (if toddlers go to a pre-school at all). 


However, in Jordan, Johanna completed her two years of pre-school now and she will move on to a kindergarden in September after summer break. This means: Leaving her classroom, leaving the teachers, leaving the institution. 

For this reason, her pre-school celebrated a graduation ceremony with a great stage show, prepared by the kids. I am not sure, if Johanna realizes what is going on. But she keeps saying that she is happy to move forward to her new kindergarden to make new friends. If she has her mother´s genes, two years in the same place is also enough, time to move on :))))))))

My credit really goes to her two teachers, Carol and Sawsan, who invested month in this "show". Each child also had a line on the microphone. Most of them could cope with the stage fever, however a few kids decided to not participate after seeing the crowd of guests - which I totally understand. They are so young. 


Johanna however seemed to have fun and take the challenge, singing even so loud without the microphone...In English and Arabic.  

There was really a whole party going on....After the 1.5 h show, parents went to the stage too, in order to celebrate. Music and balloons and lots of good vibes. The parents were also invited to a buffet afterwards. And it was very nice organized that all together could sit outside on the (artificial) grass. 

The songs were a collected of typical kindergarden songs (I am a music man) and tradition Arabic music as well as the Jordanian national anthem. Above in the photo you see a little Dabke performance, this is the Jordanian National Dance, which one can see on weddings or public celebrations. Below in the photo, you see the principal handing over a little surprise to each child. This was already so emotional...cannot imagine how it will be once she does her university graduation or driving license :)))

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