Zaha Culture Center

Great open-air playground with reasonable prices

The Zaha Culture Center is a great place to visit for families. It is located in the "Khalda" district and offers great outdoor fun.


What can you do at Zaha? 

There are two playgrounds, one little amusement park. Really suitable for small kids. A tiny paddle-boat lake (in summer) and also very suitable for small kids. Also, there is space for cultural events, but this depends on the schedule and is not every day. 


How much does Zaha Culture Center cost?

In general, it is free. You can use the playgrounds for free. The amusement park offers different packages. I personally liked the offer most for 5 JD you get 8 rides. Also, there are sometimes other options for kids. As I was there, as example, a huge jumping castle. They asked 1 JD for the kid.


Can one eat at Zaha?

There is a small kiosk. It sells mostly sweets and candys. There is popcorn as well. I saw the facilities for pizza but it was not open when I was there. 


Where to park at Zaha Culture Center? 

There is no official parking. The park is located inside a residential area. So, normally, you will find easily free of charge parking spots. 

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