Jordan · 13. Mai 2024
Usually I don´t share about work-related topics on my blog, but this training deserves an exception. Maan is 2.5h away from the capital Amman. The self-care workshop in Maan was facilitated by Mrs. Aya and Mrs. Wejdan and it has been a great success. The moderators lead the participants through interactive exercises, drawing techniques, and lively discussions. Among others, the women talked about how to handle difficult emotions and what are the factors of success stories in life.

Jordan · 04. Mai 2024
I made it! Running at the lowest point of earth, the Dead Sea. Wonderful views along the road, 31° C, and lots of fun. It is my second time to participate and yes, I got a little bit faster than last year :)

28. April 2024
The Black Iris Farm is located half an hour outside Amman. I would describe it as a petting zoo where one can also feed the animals. There are plenty of different species...dogs, cats, deer, rabbits, birds, snakes, monkeys, horses and much more. The place itself is well-maintained and clean but of course it is always sad to see caged animals. However, fun for the kids is, that visitors can literally open all cages and walk inside or take animals out for a petting session. It costs 4 JD per...

U.A.E · 28. April 2024
Johanna had a blissful week in Dubai, touring from playground to petting zoo, to indoor adventure parks....she really enjoyed it. And it also showed, that kids activities in Dubai do not always have to cost a fortune. In this blog post, I am sharing some of Johanna´s favorite spots which we discovered throughout our holiday here. Since I had visited Dubai before, we skipped all the "must-see sightseeing" activities and rather focused on residential neighborhoods with fun things-to-do for kids....

Jordan · 30. März 2024
Happy Catholic Easter! We are celebrating Good Friday here with a traditional Easter Hunt. The kids had so much fun! In Jordan, official holiday is given for the Orthodox Easter beginning of May, because within the Christian minority in Jordan, Orthodox makes actually the biggest number. So we get to celebrate twice 🥰.

Jordan · 28. März 2024
Getting ready for Easter :) Johanna loves the egg colouring and she is already excited for the Egg Hunt, which the community organizes for the third year in a row.

24. März 2024
So..😭 Today the day came...which I thought would not come that quickly...but my dear friend left Jordan for good today 😔😔😔 we met on 8th November 2021, the kids were babies😥 the end, you & me became much closer friends than the little ones 😂 ♥️ looking back with gratitude on every single wonderful excursion, hike, play-date, baby shower party(s), weekend trip, dinner, breakfast, coffee and lunch, the laughs, even on the tears, Isy's birth in Jordan, a couple of...

Jordan · 20. März 2024
Ramadan Kareem to everyone observing the holy month! It is my fourth Ramadan in Jordan and truly a special time. Last year, I ended Ramadan with the Eid Al Fitr celebrations in Aqaba. This year I started Ramadan in Aqaba :) and enjoying the much milder temperatures than Amman!

Egypt · 19. März 2024
Greetings from the Al-Hakim Mosque in the neighborhood called "Islamic Cairo". Islamic Cairo is a historic area in Cairo, Egypt, renowned for its wealth of Islamic architecture, landmarks, and cultural heritage. It encompasses a significant portion of the city's historic core, characterized by narrow winding streets, bustling markets, and impressive mosques, madrasas, and monuments dating back to the Islamic period.

Cyprus · 18. März 2024
Such a nice holiday and a very special occasion: My lovely friend Heike, her daughter and I met finally in person again after 2 long years. I 2021 she visited me in Jordan. And in March we were finally reunited. Meeting location was Cyprus, where we spent a wonderful long weekend!

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