New Travel Video: Caucasus Region Roadtrip
Caucasus 聽路聽30. August 2022
馃摙A brand new travel video is here 馃實This summer we went to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia and slept every single night in a new place. Just a couple of days before the trip, Johanna decided to quit her afternoon nap for ever, which made everything easier 馃憣馃徏 Azerbaijan surprised us with underground tunnels made from marble. Georgia took our breath away with this incredible landscape high in the Caucasus Mountains. And Armenia, especially Yerevan, is the perfect place to be with...

Yerevan with kids
Caucasus 聽路聽28. August 2022
Yerevan was our little personal highlight. The surprise of the entire trip. Yerevan itself is a big, green park. Lots of gardens around the city center, so many trees....and despite the hot weather everything is growing because there is plenty of water. Benches everywhere, invite you to take a pause...grab a coffee from the mobile coffee-bicycles and enjoy this bustling city. Also for kids, Yerevan has a lot to offer. It won麓t be boring for kids of any age: from toddlers to teens. In this...

Over night train from Georgia to Armenia
Caucasus 聽路聽13. August 2022
One of our highlights on our vacation was the train journey from Georgia to Armenia. Why? Well, because the idea to cross countries on a train sounded super exciting to us. Secondly, because it is a night train and was Johanna麓s first ever sleep on a train. Last but not least, we arrived fresh in Armenia, looking out of the window and enjoying the mountains covered by morning sun. In this article you are going to get all the details, how to travel from Georgia (Tbilisi) to Armenia (Yerevan) by...

Must Do麓s when in Georgia
Caucasus 聽路聽10. August 2022
Georgia is a traveler-wonderland when it comes to activities, things to do, sights to visit and to explore the unbeaten-tracks. There is really plenty to discover. I really advice you, not to plan your holiday in too much detail, because once in Georgia, speaking to locals and other travelers, you will hear about so many more things. Impossible for guide books to list all the fun things to do in Georgia - there are just too many. But here are five ideas, that you should definitely not miss on...

Caucasus 聽路聽08. August 2022
I thought Georgian cuisine will be meat and meat and meat. And I already prepared myself to eat mostly fruits and snacks during the upcoming days. But no - Georgian cuisine has so many tasy vegetarian stews, mashroom soups and beetroot dishes to offer. If you are more into hot dished, cold snacks or deserts....You麓ll find your treat in Georgian cuisine.

Caucasus 聽路聽03. August 2022
Georgia is the perfect country to travel around with a van or RV for three reasons: 1. you can park anywhere. There are no rules against it. 2.You can get fresh water basically at every gas station. So, sustaining yourself in the van is easy without official camping spots. 3. Georgia is beautiful and best explored while driving. It is the best possible way of travel through Georgia in my opinion. In this guide, I share the some of our cozy spots we found while driving around Georgia. We rented...

Caucasus 聽路聽02. August 2022
Georgia will welcome you with open arms. People are so friendly and curious to get to know you. In one country, you can visit the mountains, hike through deserts, bath in natural hot springs and walk through banana plantations. Imagine it! Georgia is so amazing, even stray dogs are friendly and never ever barked to anybody! And did somebody said "nature"? Ohhhh dear, it is breathtaking. Read this blog article if you want to get a first impression, a brief glance and introduction about how...

Caucasus 聽路聽31. Juli 2022
This is my hitlist of things to do in Azerbaijan. They are all suitable for kids, too. We visited and saw other places and landmarks, too. However, these are the things we really fully enjoyed, and where our expectations had been more than matched. If you ever go to Azerbaijan, make sure that you visit the following places:

Overview: Travelling Azerbaijan
Caucasus 聽路聽30. Juli 2022
Are you curious to know what it is like to travel around Azerbaijan? In this blog article I麓ve put together all my big "Ah麓s" and "Oh麓s " of which I wish I would have known some of them before... you know Azerbaijan mostly from bad headlines or critical media reports. There is little information about Azerbajian as a travel destination. Even the Lonely Planet about Caucasus region, offers onyl a little few pages about Azerbaijan. This alone is reason to go there of course :) Reasons to...